Louis Vuitton- the Epitome of Style and Perfection

For decades, Louis Vuitton has pioneered the fashion and luxury industries with its innovation and style. The popular French brand has several window displays that continue to draw luxury shoppers and the masses alike.

With little use of technology and greater emphasis on traditional-modern art combinations, Louis Vuitton window displays provide the best inspiration for all those looking to improve their home décor and evaluating redecorating options and designs.


Louis Vuitton has turned the old family board game into an eccentric window display. This Christmas display has a number of gooses pulling a reindeer’s sleigh with lots of presents, against a deep scarlet background. If you’re looking for an interior revamp with a cozy holiday theme, without exceeding your spending cap, then this design offers the ultimate inspiration. It’s perfect for all small-to-large family homes.

Gilded Dinosaur Skeleton

&Bringing a historical artifact to Paris’s Les Jardins des Plantes, Louis Vuitton introduced a series of gilded dinosaur skeletons as an extravagant entre to its window displays. This includes stegosaurus, triceratops, the mighty tyrannosaurus Rex and other extinct reptiles. Plated in gold against a sapphire backdrop, the display includes Louis Vuitton bags from the 2013 collection- making it a brilliant addition to your chateau for any high profile dinner.

From the displays in Zurich comes another simple, yet elegant, design that is impossible to ignore. Small golden tubes with luminescent bulb-tips are clustered to create the perfect firework. Unlike other designs by Louis Vuitton, the traditional display does not require too much. If you have any collector’s items at home which you want to display, opt for a traditional window display. Redecorating your home with a traditional touch before an event is sure to leave your visitors in a state of awe.

Luxury Cages

These beautiful luxury golden cages can hang plants and display your bird collection at any formal event. The designers at Louis Vuitton have perfected the art of display with these cages. Adding a small mannequin adds more to its style. The backdrop can be changed to any color of theme of your liking, though a dark contrast showcases the cages better than any other.

Gilded Dinosaurs

In 2012, Louis Vuitton upgraded its Champs Elysees Maison storefront. The most interesting of all revamps was a gilded dinosaur window display. Inspired by the Museum of Natural History in Paris, this design showcases all valuable and collector items against a large gold-plated dinosaur skeleton that offers the perfect backdrop for handbag displays. This makes it a fine addition to any household and is an elegant idea for luxury home redecoration.

The Grand Display

By arranging several mannequins in a showgirl/cheerleader display, you can easily create a life-like replica of Louis Vuitton Grand Display. Clad in purple against a black-dark-velvet backdrop, this window display is ideal for showcasing bags, shoes, jewelry and a range of other high-value assortments. The items can be neatly stacked around a circular podium with multiple layers, to make sure that every piece gets the grand display that it deserves! .

Louis Vuitton is more about arts and creativity than money. And nothing proves this statement like the Hues. Shades of light-green and beige are used, in combination, to create a mesmerizing lighting effect. When used in interior decoration, this design is sure to make your home stand out in your neighborhood. All you need are shades, podium and a white backdrop to create the hues effect.

Here’s something for the casual and trendy folks! Louis Vuitton trendsetter design takes two mannequins, clad in casual wear, and offers a bright and attractive backdrop display. This trendy and hipster display can be used in all modern homes, especially if you have a few valuable items or photo frames that deserve attention and a grand display. It goes well for apartments and condos too.

Fifth Avenue

Two years ago, Louis Vuitton’s Fifth Avenue retail in New York made headlines, for the right reasons of course. The outlet display was a visual treat of large bright-pink colored tentacles against a polka-dot backdrop. Artists and home decorators from all across the city flocked to the venue and admired the elegant and grandeur design. This window display works best against all types of homes and at any event- whether a housewarming party of a birthday event.

Diwali Celebration

Diwali is the Indian Festival of Lights. Apart from lights and fireworks, the festival celebrates and promotes inter-communal harmony. Louis Vuitton captures this essence into its Diwali window display. Against a modest and soothing-colored backdrop, this display showcased a series of hand-crafted bags, handbags, quilts and ornaments. If you’re looking to create an environment of peace and Zen in your home, then this window display can be modified to an interior design well-suited for all your needs.

Combining ropes and pulleys with a warehouse backdrop, this amazingly simple and elegant design by Louis Vuitton adds style, glamour and panache to anything it touches! The pulleys and ropes can be attached to a small base, upon which you can keep and display all your pricy items. If you’re holding a party at a luxury mansion and hoping to invite the top art critics, this design is sure to leave them in a state of awe and turn your home/venue into a living and breathing modern art masterpiece.

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Images Credits: Daniella Mac Adden, Greengallery, Viahouse, Mocobe
Written by Tanya jey.