Gorgeous Bathroom Designs from Maison Valentina
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“MAISON VALENTINA, extraordinarily exclusive and unique bathroom design”

Maison Valentina – Breathtaking Bathroom Designs That Push Your Imagination

Maison D’Opulence is the premier luxury boutique because we maintain a rich collection which we curate keeping our members’ desires in mind. Today we debut a stunning and exclusive complete range from Maison Valentina, a new luxury bathroom brand that pushes the boundaries of your imagination. Maison Valentina is by far one of the most sophisticated bathroom brands featured on our boutique and bodes well with our members’ desires and style preferences.

The New Face of Luxury

Rethink what a bathroom can be with the grandeur of bathtubs, exclusivity of washbasins, imaginative mirrors, and splendid lighting by Maison Valentina. Luxury bathroom design has a new face that combines extraordinarily unique designs with great handwork, producing the finest range. We are proud to feature the Maison Valentina collection which exudes confidence and artistic brilliance, with each piece carrying its own life and its own story. The attention to detail in jewellery combined with exclusive designs has made Maison Valentina one of the richest bathroom collections in recent years.

Made with Love and Passion

We champion individuality and personality, and it showcases in the elegant Maison Valentina range that inspires confidence and comfort. We strongly believe that this label has all the qualities to be incorporated beautifully in your home, empowering you with inspiration and passion. Maison Valentina prides in creating desirable settings in one of the most often overlooked parts of the home – the bathroom. It breathes fresh ideas into bathroom design, making you rethink what your personal time can feel like.

Create A Secluded Paradise

Bathrooms are where we think, imagine, and ponder. Needless to say, uninspiring bathrooms in otherwise opulent homes can bring down the charm. This is where Maison Valentina seeks to inspires and impress, helping you create a secluded, indulging setting that harmonises your mind and body. As an exclusive boutique, Maison D’Opulence makes sure its members only get the finest and rarest collections in designing and decorating their homes. Your confidence should reflect on your home, and especially your bathrooms so that you can spend the best time of the day in the best possible way.

Don’t Imagine, See

Maison Valentina is the true definition of fabulous, expressing individuality and freedom, and the spirit of womanhood. Maison D’Opulence presents a one of its kind bathroom collection in Maison Valentina. We currently house the complete range of designs and materials that you desire. Get inspired by the exclusive and bold designs that will make you rethink what contemporary bathroom decor can be. We are proud to showcase this rich collection and hope it garners the recognition it deserves.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be You.










Image Credits: Maison Valentina
Written By Tanya Jey