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"Decoussemaecker, extraordinarily beautiful line of furniture that exudes luxury"

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It's always intriguing to know the person behind the great furniture items that you have in your home. How did the designer come up with the idea, what inspires them and how do they keep on coming with these brilliant designs? And this is exactly why we've caught up with Guido Decoussemaecker', a renowned name in the luxury interior design industry and our long standing partner. Decoussemaecker's ideology that 'experiencing space is experiencing luxury' is artfully and ingeniously depicted through his luxurious signature furniture designs. His furniture exudes class, elegance and to top it all luxury. He has an ever-increasing client base not only in London but across the globe.

Today, we'll get up close and personal with him and find out how he manages to do what he does best.

MDO: When it comes to luxury interior desigining, you're second to none. What is the secret. How do you continue to create luxury furniture?

GD: For me, luxury can be divided into two factors, high quality of leather and flawless stitching. And that's what I largely focus on. I don't mind classical or minimalistic designs but for me, the line of stitching has to be seamless. If I have to compare Italy with other European countries, I can confidently say that Italian stitching is far superior, in fact, 10 times better. And that is my secret. I never compromise on these factors because for me that is what defines luxury.

MDO: Talking of luxury, is there anything that has a huge impact or influence on your designs?

GD: Yes, I'd say it's the material. To offer luxurious interior design furniture to my clients, I make sure that the quality is top notch. Whether it's the leather or wood, it has to be of the highest quality. I source high quality materials like proselyte and leather from Italy. I also source some items from Holland. These countries offer high quality items. In other words, these are my go-to destinations for sourcing quality materials for my furniture design.

MDO: Who's your source of inspiration?

GD: My source of inspiration has to be ZahaHadid. She is from Israel. Though she is more into contempo rary designs but I love her work. She's a phenomenal designer.

MDO: What is your career highlight so far? Something that you're proud of and that defines your strength.

GD: It has to be that villa that I showed you earlier with that table. Here, I must appreciate my team who worked relentlessly with me on this project for nearly two years. It's a project that reflects a great amalgamation of modern design with classic touches. The crystal chandeliers that we installed with the hi-tech interior, added flair of sophistication to the living room and gave it a more personal touch.

MDO: As an experienced interior designer, what do you see as the upcoming trend in 2016?

GD: For me, this year marks simplicity with luxury. I see a lot of white and natural wooden beams. I feel this year, home owners will go for minimalistic designs such as small tables with classy glass tops.

MDO: Being an industry leading expert, what advice would you like to give to upcoming interior designers?

GD: Every designer needs to find his or her own creative flair to stand out. However, learning this art is equally important. Therefore, the best way to get started is to assist different professional furniture designers. 
This will help you see how differently all designers work. There will be things that you'll like and there will be things that you won't. However, the goal is to watch, observe and learn. It's all about moving up the learning curve. 
Once you've worked with a couple of designers, from there you can find your own way and try things that appeal to you the most.

MDO: What is the biggest threat to the Furniture Design Industry?

GD: Wow that's a tough one to answer! I don't know about the threat but what I do see as some of the biggest industry traps are that there are many designers who copy others and that most often de signers don't focus on quality. This may be okay when designing a student's apartment but when offering services to clients; I'd say it's a big no! It's important to understand the client's brief and de liver what your client wants. If they have pictures of a design that appeals to them, then that's great but if they don't, then it's important for the designer to learn what the client wants, to design an interior that matches their taste and lifestyle needs.

MDO: Would you like to spill the beans to your secret of success?

GD: It's simple. I listen to my clients. I work cohesively with them every step of the design and creation process to ensure that I create a design that matches their needs and meets their expectation. I feel I am very bold while my clients are more towards the subtle and classical side.Therefore, when I work closely with them, I am able to deliver them what they want, not what I like. Knowing and delivering what my clients want is what defines my success.

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Images Credits: Decoussemacker
Written by Tanya jey