Purity of Lines, Furniture with Soul

Adding soul to the designs by adopting the traditional pencil and paper method to come up with the best of creativity, this Italian designer’s furniture is said to be promising enough to be antique pieces for the future generation and no doubt a piece of art for the present.

The Lost Arte De Vivre

The philosophy of furniture having a soul and with every stroke of sketch it brings out to life the ingrained meaning of elegance and style, DOM EDIZIONI is a brand that speaks for itself. It speaks volumes of luxury and elegance in your house, hotels and yachts.

Domenico Mula’s passion for interior design brings life to his sketches that are created with the best of imaginations and etched on the surface of sketchbooks bought during his journeys. A trendsetter in his own way, this intelligent designer has given a meaning to the life of furniture from its conception to its final adjustment which adds value to every inch at every step.

The craftsmen are intently monitored for their skills and execution throughout the journey of the furniture in their hands and what sets apart this brand is its unique Italian home ground. Each material used and employee has been from the soil of Italy and gives its own share of class and standard to the pieces of fittings that Dom Edizioni presents.

The color hues, the cuts and finishing touches are all done keeping in mind a loyalty of brand to its customers for ages. The part of philosophy that energizes this Italian designer is the unending keenness to keep an eye on the material used and discover new ideas and materials to produce more pieces of artistic beauty and longevity of furniture.

Twelve years ago, he had overcome the opposition of many people and brought black stained wood and now it has proven to be a great idea with its wings spread in interior design industry. Chinese lacquer has also been added to furniture finishing and a unique blend of modernization with the forties style of sofa design into beds is a wonderful aspect too.

Customers don’t buy his piece of furniture only, they buy this brand for its style and the grace it carries itself with adding value to their home or any other area welcoming DOM Edizioni. Bright tones accentuating living areas and formal yet retro looks for tables enhance the living experience.

Research is what he never lacks on and nor does his designers and architects as that is the first step to know the upcoming needs of interior markets and needs that may follow a strategy creating houses for generations to share them.

Refinement of fabrics, metals, woods, and other fitting materials are what are basically sought after to give that unique blend of luxury with antiquity. International designers of best level are recruited in this company to achieve the essence of style with originality to achieve authenticity as per his name.

Maison D’Opulence is home to a wide range of furniture for every building and different styles of interiors call for different article, but for those with a classical bone and mood for laid back beauty this would be an excellent choice to browse through and consider.

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Images Credits: Daniella Mac Adden, Greengallery, Viahouse, Mocobe
Written by Tanya jey.