There is an old saying in the world of interior design: “By adding a black element in your living space, such as a beautiful floor lamp, a photo frame, or other accents, you can enhance and brighten up other accents used in the space. “ The saying still holds true.

Sure the color black can be a little too dark and intense, and we always want to be wary of spaces ending up too depressing or overdone in a Gothic theme, but by blending it beautifully with white, black can have an extremely fabulous and glamorous effect on your living space.

Take a hint from these striking interiors and see how you can add black and white to adorn your space without going full-on dark side.

Explore the power, sleek, drama, mystery and sophistication of Black and White accents.

One of the simplest and easiest ways to add pattern and texture into your living space is through the accents and accessories you use. From decorative cushions in black and white to lamp shades to rugs, accents have the ability to turn around the look of any room without great deal of effort.

If you want to add a little pattern and character to your interior space, try using furnishings upholstered in stripes, plaids or any other pattern of your choice. Leather furnishings or furnishings made with rough fabric can also work wonders for you. Additionally, if you want to create an old fashioned, rustic appeal, wrought iron would be your best bet.

If your space begs for something that adds some attitude to its ambiance, try pairing your white couch with polka dot black and white cushions like you see in the picture. A little bit of black and white can have a surprisingly brightening impact on your interior space.

Adorn your space with a balanced black and white theme for a more streamlined appearance (like you see in the picture). This will make your space feel spacious and your furnishings gleam.

Beautifully balanced black and white in this picture is keeping this bedroom from being overwhelmed by prints. Black is understated and lustrous and can actually tone down your space that has a lot going on.

This elegantly designed dining space is doing it right in so many ways. Bright white walls and bright lighting make it okay to include a number of black accents. Black floor create a contrast against white window trims, chairs and other black and white décor elements used in this setting is giving this space a fabulous look.

This beautiful dining place offers a unique blend of glamorous and simple elements. The beautiful black glass door featuring Marilyn gives the space a spunky boldness that it wouldn’t otherwise have. When it comes to patterns in a black and white setting, avoid overdoing it unless your interior space is spacious, open and airy. In smaller spaces, just a splash of well balanced patterns in black and white is enough to brighten up your space. Patterns and rough textures tend to offer a more intense appeal, whereas satiny, smooth patterns give a luxurious touch to your interior space. If you prefer your interior space to look more spacious, smooth patterns should dominate your interior scheme. On the contrary, if you want to give your space a rugged, rough look, bold and rough patterns should be used more in your interior design.

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Images Credits: Daniella Mac Adden, Greengallery, Viahouse, Mocobe
Written by Tanya jey.